Chaiti Mangalavara Osha Is Observed By Married Woman On Tuesdays During Chaitra month In Odisha

Chaiti Mangalavara
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Chaiti Mangalavara or Chaiti Mangalabara Osha is the vow observed on Tuesdays during Chait mahina or Chaitra month in Odisha. This brata is dedicated to Goddess Mangala.


In 2017, Chaiti Mangalavara vrata dates are – March 14, March 21, March 28, April 4 and April 11. Mangala Devi Puja or Shakti Puja is performed during the brata.

The legend or Chait Mangalvar vrat katha is associated with a woman belonging to scavenger community known as Chaiti. She used to offer wine, meat, and eggs to Mangala. She once saw inauspicious face of the Raja of that kingdom and expressed her fear in disgust.

The Raja felt ashamed and crushed all her sons under a chariot. But they restored to life by the divine grace of Goddess Mangala. Since then the Raja and the queen worshipped Goddess Mangala and blessed with sons.

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