Top 10 Easy & Natural Remedies to Reverse Dementia and Memory Loss

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What Is Dementia ?

Dementia, or memory loss, is a concern to all of us. We all want to maintain the health of our brains, yet often encounter some degree of confusion and/or denial when we think about how to do that.

A patient I’ll call Bea has been an elegant and regular visitor to my practice for the last 15 years. Well into her 80’s she is still fastidious about her appearance, but struggles to keep up with all the other details of her life. She is aware she is not as sharp as she used to be, but doesn’t recognize the problem with outright memory lapses.

The criteria for a diagnosis of dementia include a decline in both memory and at least one of the following abilities:

  • Facility with language comprehension or expression, spoken or written;
  • Recognition and identification of familiar objects;
  • Execution of motor activities; and
  • Abstract thinking, judgment, planning and implementation of complex tasks.
  • The decline in memory and one of the above listed abilities must be severe enough to interfere with daily life.

Home Remedies for Dementia

1. Salvia: 

One of the major issues with any neurocognitive impairment is the lack of blood flow in parts of the brain that are responsible for memory and cognition. Salvia, however, has microdilation properties that can increase blood flow in those parts of the brain and slow the decline that comes as a result of dementia.

2. Turmeric: 

You might expect rates of dementia to be even across the world, but in fact, India has a significantly lower rate of dementia than other parts of the world. The high prevalence of turmeric in their diet may have something to do with this, as it has been shown to block the creation of meta-amyloid, which is the source of plaque in the brain that compounds the issues of dementia.

3. Coconut Oil: 

Nerve damage can be a peripheral issue that complicates symptoms of dementia, but coconut oil, which has nerve-improving powers, can help boost communication with the brain and ensure normal cognition for those suffering from early signs of dementia.

4. Kale: 

This cruciferous vegetable has received a lot of attention in recent years, and with good reason. Kale is a rich source of both folate and carotenoids, which lower homocysteine levels. Homocysteine has been directly linked with cognitive impairment, so anything to combat that substance is a welcome relief to dementia patients.

5. Pumpkin: 

Although not the most commonly turned to vegetable, pumpkin and other similar squash species contain iron and folate, both of which are important for circulation and cognitive function.

6. Spinach: 

Spinach and other leafy green vegetables contain folate and B9, which have both been linked to boosted cognitive function and lowered levels of depression, which can be a major side effect of dementia, pulling sufferers deeper into themselves, and further limiting their engagement with the world.

7. Ginkgo: 

This is one of the oldest and most trusted natural remedies for dementia and Alzheimer’s. It has been shown in numerous research studies that ginkgo is able to increase microdilation and circulation within the brain and boost short-term memory. Ginkgo biloba supplements are some of the most popular herbal remedies for cognitive function in the world.

8. Fish Oil: 

Omega-3 fatty acids are the “good” cholesterol that is so often overlooked when pursuing total health. These beneficial fatty acids can prevent brain lesions, which are often precursors or causative elements behind dementia, so don’t be afraid of taking a fish oil supplement, which is rich in omega-3s, when you’re feeling a bit fuzzy.

9. Cinnamon Extract: 

Plaque buildup in the brain is a major cause behind dementia, so it was very exciting when cinnamon extract was proven to reduce plaque levels in the brain, thus boosting memory and cognition.

10. Almonds: 

Nuts in general are some of the best concentrated sources of minerals and unique antioxidants, including magnesium, folate, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamin B6. A solid boost of these cognition-enhancing compounds is easy with a handful of almonds, walnuts, or peanuts! 

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