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The chariot of Lord Jagannath is known as Nandighosha. It is also known as Garudadhwaja and Kapidhwaja. The easiest way to identify the Chariot of Lord Jagannath is by color of the covering of the chariot. The chariot of Jagannath has a yellow and red color canopy and it is also the largest of the chariots.


About Nandighosha:

Name:   Nandighosa / Garudadhwaja / Kapidhwaja
Colour of cloth:  Red & Yellow
Number of Wheels:  16
Diameter of wheels:   7’0″
Number of wooden pieces used:   832
Height of Chariot:   13.5 m (45 feet)
Length & Breadth:   34’6″ x 34’6″
Guarded by:   Garuda/Nrusingha
Gate Keepers:   Jay & vijay
Name of the Charioteer:   Daruka
Name of the Flag:   Trailokyamohini
Weapons of the Chariot:   Sankha & Chakra
Power of the Chariot:   Bimala & Biraja
Number of Horses:   4
Name of the Horses:   Shankha, Balahaka, Shveta, Haridashva
Color of Horses:   White
Name of the Rope:   Sankhachuda
Face of the Chariot known as:   Nandi Mukha
Subsidiary nine Deities:   Varaha, Govardhana, Krushna, Nrusimgha, Rama, Narayana, Trivikrama, Hanuman, Rudra
Rishis:   Narada, Debal, Byasa, Suka, Parasar, Basistha, Biswamitra, Rudra

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