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Diabetes has become a common health issue these days. It is described as an increased amount of blood sugar level. Diabetes is two main types. Diabetes type 1, where the body does not produce enough insulin and diabetes type 2, where the insulin is not being used by the body.

Diabetes includes symptoms like increased thirst and hunger, weight loss, fatigue, excess urination and cuts and bruises take a little longer to heal. If not treated on time, diabetes can be dangerous and at times even fatal. If left untreated, it leads to blindness, kidney diseases, blood vessel damage, heart diseases, and nerve damage and in some cases limb amputation.

Diabetes can’t be cured, but for sure can be treated and controlled. Taking proper care and altering your lifestyle a little can help you live a normal life. Home remedies have shown proven results in controlling blood sugar levels and taking a hang of diabetes.

Here are 5 easy yet effective home remedies to help you combat diabetes. While medication is necessary, you can use home remedies for quicker and safer results.


Bitter gourd is beneficial in controlling diabetes as it has blood glucose lowering capacities. It influences the glucose metabolism throughout the body, rather than focusing on a particular organ or region. Bitter gourd assists pancreas in insulin secretion and prevents insulin resistance. Therefore, bitter gourd is advantageous for both type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

Chop two to three bitter melons after removing their seeds and blend them in a blender with water. Drink this juice every day on an empty stomach to benefit from the vegetable. Follow this treatment for at least two months. You can also include bitter gourds in your diet as savories.



Apple cider vinegar has been shown to be effective in treating both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. ACV helps in reducing fasting sugar levels, which indicates it promotes insulin production and slows down the breaking of starch in the sugar stream. The polyphenols contained in cranberry have shown results in treating type 2 diabetes when consumed daily.In a glass, mix cranberry juice, apple cider vinegar and water in equal quantities. Stir the concoction and have it daily.



Okra belongs to the hibiscus family and the word ‘OKRA’ refers to the edible seedpods of a plant. Okra is also commonly known as ladies fingers and has been recommended for the health conscious people for ages. It is filled with potassium, calcium, Vitamin B and C and is low in fiber content. Okra water is said to improve and balance the blood sugar levels.

Cut off the ends of two okra pods, slit them from the center and soak them in a glass of water over night. In the morning, take out the pods and drink the water on an empty stomach. Make sure you wash the pods before cutting them, and not after cutting them.



Cinnamon, also known as dalchini, stimulates the insulin activity and the bioactive components help fight and prevent diabetes.

Drink a cup of water mixed with one tsp cinnamon powder daily. You can also add cinnamon powder to beverages, smoothies & baked goods.



Due it’s hypoglycaemic activity, fenugreek has been believed to control blood sugar levels and improve glucose tolerance. It also stimulates the secretion of insulin. Fenugreek is high in fiber, so it slows down the absorption of carbs and sugar into the blood.

To see a drastic change in your blood sugar levels, have fenugreek every day. Soak two spoons of fenugreek seeds in water overnight and drink the water along with the seeds in the morning, on an empty stomach. You can also consume powdered fenugreek seeds with water instead of the soaked seeds.

Diabetes can affect anyone; age is not the factor. Instead of complaining about the disorder, a few changes in the food and lifestyle can help you lead a life that you lived before you were affected. So try these home remedies to see a change and treat your diabetes.


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